There's got to be something you can do.

This metal is comparable to iron in strength.

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I don't like Christmas anymore.

That job takes a lot of strength.

That really wasn't my fault.

Garlic is used to improve the taste of food.

My money was stolen by a thief.

No one can deny the fact that the earth is round.

This is a portrait of my late father.

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I'd like a bottle of soda.

Not every grandchild is an angel; sometimes grandchildren are enemies.

Seymour has got to help us.


The audience stood and applauded.

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She was a very demanding girlfriend.

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I don't care a bit about the future.

We interpret your silence as consent.

She sacrificed the dearest thing she had.


Brazil is the fifth biggest country in the world.

That's perfectly natural.

Numerous violent and sudden casualties among C++ developers are caused by segmentation faults every year.

Pradeep yanked Mayo's hair.

What color are your nails?

I haven't figured that out yet.

One day, I'm going to marry him.

You're all set?

He's a casanova.

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I know you're just trying to help, and I appreciate that.

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I'm not interested in modern art.

Let's see how you feel.

It was a traumatic experience.

Are you scared of them?

Why didn't you tell me you knew how to fix this?

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You come back here.


If you are to be successful, you are to do your best.


What time did you go to sleep yesterday?

We agreed to elaborate an action plan.

Is that the remote control?

What was the announcement just now?

You crushed your enemies.

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I no longer need it.

A typical nurse will do such things as helping with a urinal bottle, and shaving in preparation for surgery!

Whoever could that be at this time of night?

By the way, what is the matter with him?

I forgot to tell you what Anderson said.

I almost believed what Huashi said.

She opened the box.

You're not allowed to eat those.

I didn't ignore her.


The condition of Man is a condition of Warre of every one against every one.

You need to help us.

She believes whatever he says.

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Bradford works at a call center.


Jochen sleeps with the light on.


Gigi asked Leif to lower her voice.


The baby started to cry.

Did you practice the piano this morning?

He finished his work.

And 1, 3, 5 are odd numbers.

The doctor says you're going to have to stay in bed for a few weeks.

Lastly, is there anything else to share with the group ?

I told her you were coming.

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Tommy was killed in the avalanche.

We shall overcome all our difficulties.

I went through so unpleasant an experience at that time.

I thought we were going out to dinner.

You changed the size?

There's nothing that the doctors can do about it.

I thought you hated them.

He catches colds easily.

I know who got injured.

Remington spent several months in Havana.

Lorenzo will do his best.

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They couldn't cope with difficulties.

Believe those who seek truth, beware those who find it.

The police will never find you there.

I am a jerk and a moron who does not deserve fortune.

The supermarket opens at ten o'clock.

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They went along and along, but they couldn't seem to find just the right place.

I'll take this to them.

The only time Erwin seems to be happy is when he's with Cristopher.

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Brahe invented many instruments such as the Tyconian Quadrant which were widely copied and led to the invention of improved observational equipment.

Soccer is an exciting sport.

His dog barks at me.

Floyd drank the beer in one gulp.

Ahmed's health has always been a worry to his wife.

He lost everything.

I'm not as creative as Surya is.

Explain the situation to Troy.

Let's get you fixed up with a drink.

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I've decided to let Dannie go to Ti's party.

I'm hoping Ralph will help us.

The bus was late by ten minutes.

Vassos appears to be concerned about something.

There seem to be several reasons for his failure.


I still love Vicky very much.

I think I speak French very well.

Look! There's a cat in the kitchen.

She went into the room and lay on the bed.

There can be only one explanation for that.

Are you picking on me?

You'll have to play it by ear at the interview.

I'm not disorganized.

That sounds like good advice.

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I can't understand this business.

Earle and Scott only speak French to their children.

The government is redesigning the currency to try and cut down on counterfeiting.


Would you like to meet somewhere later?

Niall tried to look like he wasn't scared.

I plan to do it soon.

The money should be distributed to those in need.

We go to school to learn.


Wendi invited me over for dinner.

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He went slowly and deliberately to his car, being careful not to step on the cracks in the cement walkway.


Your credit card, please.

She pushed the panic button when she heard the news.

"Aren't you Mexican?" "Yes, though now I live in Argentina."

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Let me know the way.

The teacher gave us a lot of homework.

Stop it. He's our friend, isn't he?


He is behind the times.


My younger brother really likes to take photos of mountains.


I don't understand Christmas.


Ned slept on the sofa.

This seat is free.

Mehmed Talat was assassinated in Berlin in 1921.


Sonja usually has a few glasses of wine while cooking dinner.

We don't negotiate with terrorists.

Draft beer tastes especially good on a hot day.


You're disturbing my reading.

The man puffed smoke into her face.

You were in Boston at that time, right?

Edith didn't know which button to push.

What a pity!

He stayed up all night reading a novel.

Did the police arrest her?

I felt somebody pat me on the shoulder.

The pursuit of European history is a formidable task.

Remind me that the meeting is on Monday.

What would you say?

Outsiders make Kelvin nervous.

Sharon looks a little sleepy.

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We're wildly looking for the evidence to our own existence.

I read a lot of books last summer.

Knudsen didn't apologize to Jacques.

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Ungodly men ransacked the temple.


That theory isn't generally accepted.

Marvin is the only boy who's ever asked Bertrand out.

I ran into an old classmate of mine on my way to the station.

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Man is kind enough when he is not excited by religion.

Joe is going to have to do it.

I used to be a bit cleaner.

Having once landed the monster immediately jumped again and was over my head.

We still have a lot of work to do.

Emmett wanted you out of here.

This is my mother.


It hasn't rained now for several hours.


I have put aside one fourth of my salary for the last three years.

The teacher concluded that Harry would pass the exam.

She drowned a cat.